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                                                    ------- General Description ------
Graduated from college in this game. You will control a teacher trying to face the challenges of life.

                                                   --------- Story Short Story --------
Since our teacher character could not find a job in the State staff, he opened a college by attracting credit from the bank. He starts tutoring students to earn money. In the game you will be a partner to the pain and happiness of our character.

 We played the game with challenging gameplay. Successes you on this Training Path. I hope you like our game.

                                                   --------General features -------

- Challenging Sections
- A Dramatic Life Story
- Easy Control Mechanics
- Intermediate Graphics
- Music and Sounds

                                                            -------Tags ---- ----
- education path,
- teacher,
- adventure games ,
- educational games,
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                                   ----- Future Innovations with Update -----
- Language Pack: Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, French, Italian

- Entertainment Mode: With this mode you will take students unlimited. Entertainment Mode Will Be With You Soon.

                                       ----- Social Sharing Addresses -----

Producer Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muharrem_adk

Publisher Instagram: https://instagram.com/commander.apps

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Patreon Support: https://www.patreon.com/commanderappsgames

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